thewelltravelledman sardinia cagliari

The sand may brush off… The salt may wash clean… The tans may fade… But the memories will last forever! This is exactly how we feel about Sardinia!  Each day just kept getting better and better. After our incredible evening at the THotel in Cagliari, we could have slept for hours the next morning to recover from the amazing dinner… but instead, we woke up early for breakfast so we could make the… Read More

The view from our boat to Capri, looking back on Positano

Did you know, that Unesco considers the Amalfi Coast to be an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape?  Well, we couldn’t agree more!!  The Amalfi coast is certainly a special place… the combination of coastal mountains, that plunge in to the sea, picturesque towns and inland forests. The photos really don’t do the coast justice, it is simply a place you must visit!  Here are some photos to wet your appetite! β€œTravel makes… Read More

thewelltravelledman sardinia Cala Mariolu

Io amo l’Italia, translated to english means I love Italy! Honestly, Italy, and you’re likely to read this more than once on our blog, has to be our favourite country. Sure we have specific destinations within other countries that we love and may say was our favourite destination, but Italy is something special. Each and every region has its own unique history, specific local delicacies and Sardegna certainly lives up to that… Read More