Our hire car in Sardinia

Everyone knows someone who knows someone that has at least one or two horror stories from a rental gone wrong! But if you follow a few simple steps you’ll have nothing to worry about! But before we get to the tips, let’s consider some of the benefits and pitfalls: The benefits: Freedom – spending the time you have where you want! Reaching your destination faster – no guest pick-up/drop-off Convenience and comfort… Read More

thewelltravelledman sardinia Cala Mariolu

Io amo l’Italia, translated to english means I love Italy! Honestly, Italy, and you’re likely to read this more than once on our blog, has to be our favourite country. Sure we have specific destinations within other countries that we love and may say was our favourite destination, but Italy is something special. Each and every region has its own unique history, specific local delicacies and Sardegna certainly lives up to that… Read More