A short drive out of Freycinet National Park is the Bicheno Blowhole and we stopped in for around 10 minutes on our way up to The Bay of Fires. The blowhole is stronger and more powerful when the swell is bigger so it could be all about luck and the timing. Again we were lucky enough to be the only people there for a short while so we could sit back and… Read More

Looking for the perfect view over Wineglass Bay and the rest of Freycinet National Park? You simply cannot beat a scenic flight with Freycinet Air,Β the view was spectacular even on an overcast day! We checked into the Freycinet Lodge where we spent two nights and were speaking with the reception team (who might I add were great!) about the area and what they would recommend we see to ensure we get the… Read More

Just past the wonderful Freycinet Lodge, you will see a sign to the left for Sleepy Bay and Cape Tourville – Lighthouse. Once you have parked in the carpark, it is a quick and easy 10 minute walk down to the lookout of Sleepy Bay, which has been known for its rough seas! Once you’ve relaxed and enjoyed the views at Sleepy Bay, you can take a 30 minute return walk down… Read More

Honeymoon Bay, can you get a nicer sounding bay than that? Located at the edge of the beautiful Freycinet Lodge, Honeymoon Bay is Β a gorgeous swimming spot and the water is crystal clear. Although we had slightly overcast weather, the area was pretty. We walked from our lodge, through the hotel grounds and to the bay. We walked through a bushy walkway where we saw some local wildlife and then walked over… Read More

Cape Tourville Lighthouse & Lookout offer some beautiful views. The walk is only 20 minutes to do the whole 600m circuit, so it is worth stopping in, even if you only have a short time to visit. Some helpful information can be found on the Tasmania Parks Website. From Tasman Highway (A3) take road C302. Once inside Freycinet National Park, follow the main road, then turn left onto the Cape Tourville Road…. Read More

This place is called Friendly Beaches, but chances are you won’t see anyone to be friendly to! The only thing you’ll find here is a beautiful remote beach for you to enjoy. In fact, the only reason we went to Friendly beaches, was because both the h otel reception as well as our pilot from our scenic flight told us to visit Friendly Beaches. The lookout on the maps is a bit… Read More

If you’re planning a trip to Tasmania, there is a good chance you’ve got Wineglass Bay on your list of things to see and it should be. Where is the Wineglass Bay Lookout? Wineglass Bay lookout is located in Freycinet National Park – simply type in Wineglass Bay Lookout into Google Maps and the GPS will take you to the carpark! What you need to enter Freycinet National Park Every vehicle needs… Read More