If you’re looking at skiing in Europe, there is a good chance you will need to stop over in one of the spectacular Swiss cities beforehand. Β For us, on our way to St Anton, Austria we flew into ZΓΌrich, Switzerland for two nights before heading to the slopes. It was our first European winter and it is safe to say neither of us were prepared for how cold it would actually be!… Read More

Honestly, the stark contrast between a Christmas in summer or winter is exactly that, extreme and obvious! Growing up in South Africa, Jenna in Australia, meant that Christmas time was warm, no, hot and sunny with the day generally spent by the water with a few cold drinks and having a BBQ. So, when we packed up and moved to London in October 2013, we were very much looking forward to a… Read More

Growing up we spent most of our holidays with our family either on the farm or at the beach, lazing in the sunshine, swimming in the oceans … skiing was never an option! Having signed my relocation contract (London!), we were lucky enough to not really have anything to worry about … at all … my employer was locked in, removalists confirmed and relocation agent for a rental property booked. We had… Read More