Airbnb is a great way to rent unique, local accommodation on any travel budget. Well worth looking into as an alternative to hotels.

Click here for AUD $40 of free travel credit when you sign up. The credit will be converted into your local currency, so you do not need to be Australian to receive the offer!

Note: We have used Airbnb a number of times and it is a great way to live like a local! The link does provide us with AUD $40 if you sign up and spend more than AUD $100 on your first trip.




Trip|REBEL gets you the best deal from booking until check-in. This means if you book a hotel room and the price drops, Trip|REBEL will refund you the difference. Hotel prices are changing all the time, but all you get is the current best price. Let time work for you!

Click here for EUR Є15 off your booking.

Note: The link does provide us with EUR Є40 if you use the above link, after you check in to your hotel.


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