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co-founded by Steven and Jenna du Preez

Admittedly, I (Steven) was so excited to inspire and motivate fellow humans to explore the world, that I woke up one morning and looked into the world of blogging. Having already claimed, in my opinion, the best Instagram name going around, thewelltravelledman, I quickly created a blog and registered a domain name to match!

However, in reality the blog is both that of my own as well as Jenna’s thoughts, memories and reviews of the places we explored, enjoyed, and loathed over the last few years.

Steven: thewelltravelledman 

I grew up in South Africa to a diverse family, an Afrikaans speaking father and an English speaking mother. Living in the city (Pretoria) we were fortunate enough to often visit our farm, the beach as well as the Kruger National Park. No country has since come close to matching the big five, especially not the foxes and squirrels that roam the streets of London!

I have lived in Pretoria (South Africa), Brisbane (Australia), Sydney (Australia) and London (UK).

My career, which is with one of the big 4 accounting firms, has taken me to a few places in the world which I believe triggered this love affair of seeing the world. I have worked in Brisbane (Australia), Sydney (Australia), London (UK), Budapest (Hungary) as well as Atlanta (USA). Living abroad can benefit your career, but more importantly benefits your personally. The people, the culture and things you see every day expands your thoughts and somehow creates a common connection with almost anyone and everyone you meet.

Things I love

Exploring the world. Double Macchiato. Cobblestone streets. Dogs. Red Wine. Hiking. The smell of the ocean. Tennis. Grapes. New ideas. Snow. Whiskey. Unplugging. Instagram. Laughter. Summer. People watching.

Jenna: thewelltravelledwoman

I (Jenna) haven’t had the same luxury of working in many countries, like Steven.  I was born and raised in Brisbane (Australia), and after school, started a traineeship in Business Administration, which then turned into a career as an Executive Assistant.  After being there for 9 (yes 9!!) years, I followed Steven down to Sydney as part of his secondment and our next adventure.  Little did I know, this was the first step in turning me in to someone who dreams of travelling the entire world.

It wasn’t long before we realised that we wanted to see more than a few cities in Australia… so off to London we went!  We spent 2 years in London, travelling most of Europe as well as a stop in Morocco, United States and the Middle East.  I sometimes have to pinch myself to remind me that I am living a reality, not a dream.

Things I love

Family. Friends. Travelling the world. Outdoors. Skiing. Dogs. The Beach. Squash. Sunshine. Fresh Air. Netball.

Countries explored by thewelltravelledman

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    • I’m glad you found some inspiration, exploring the world, seeing new cultures, the natural wonders and historical events is exactly what I love! I look forward to hearing more about your travel plans!

  1. Glad I stumbled upon your blog! I am a hobby blogger, as well. I got to travel quite a bit in my twenties through work, but things have slowed down a bit in my mid-thirties. Will continue to follow your adventures so I can get inspired for future trips.

    • Hi Ray! I hope you do find some inspiration – work can sometimes get in the way, but travelling, for us, is truly one of those things in life that makes it all worthwhile ✔️

  2. I am so glad that you enjoy travelling and seeing the world as it is something that we liked too. It great building memories like you are doing. Enjoy life. Have fund.

    • The memories are so important! This is the reason we started our blog, so we could remember all of the details in years to come! 🙂

  3. I am also a Big4 employee with roughly 5 years of travel experience on corporate budget (haha) Now thinking about starting a blog to share my experiences, and so glad to come across your blog! It gave me some inspiration for my future blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Definitely- our blog not only continues to motivate us (to keep travelling) it also allows us to relive some of the best memories we have. Love it.

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