Le Club AccorHotels – points earn, status earn and more!

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We love the Accor Hotels brand, from luxury to economy, you’ll find the properties spread across 92 countries, over 3,400 hotels and what we love most, is that the brand is consistent. It doesn’t matter whether you book a hotel in London, Budapest, Morocco or Australia, you’ll find the brand true to its name.

Being loyal to a brand, that’s where this guide is quite helpful. We are platinum members with the Accor group and absolutely love feeling welcomed to the properties where we more often than not (as part of the Accor program) receive room upgrades, complimentary welcome drinks at the bar, hand written notes from the property manager and often a complimentary bottle of wine and treats in your room. Now you might think this is because we are travel influencers. Clearly, we love travelling, but no, we do not receive all our stays for free. Sure we receive some perks here and there and do love collaborating with hotels, tours and experiences … but we still pay for the vast majority of our stays.

To get us started, and to remind everyone, below are some of the AccorHotel brands:

The Le Club AccorHotels guide …

Le Club AccorHotels guide will cover:

Le Club AccorHotels – Status levels

Other than the Classic (which you earn as soon as you join) there are three elite levels:

It is important to note that status points are different to reward points! The Status points earned during the period determines your status level (Classic, Silver, Gold, Platinum) whereas the Reward points are used to redeem credit on future stays or transfer to partner programs (discussed further below).

Status levels are also required to be earned each period, i.e. AccorHotels do not offer lifetime status levels.

To see the Status level benefits – click here … I have to say it never wears off feeling like a VIP, welcome drinks, room upgrades etc!

Le Club AccorHotels – Status levels expiry

Pictures sometimes say it better than words, so here we go, courtesy of AccorHotels

Le Club AccorHotels – earning Reward and Status points

This is where it get’s a bit tricky!

Le Club has different earn rates depending on both the property Brand as well as your own Status level. AccorHotels is also a French multinational hotel group, which means the earn rate is based on the amount you spend, converted to Euros. This shouldn’t have a big impact on the program and many programs do use a constant currency to determine the earn rate.

Points will be earned on the accommodation, incidentals as well as any meetings at an AccorHotels property.

The table below shows the varying levels of earn (both Reward points as well as Status points) based on the Status level and property Brand. This is accurate as of January 2017 so click here to see the current earn rates and if you’re not too keen to work this out yourself – there is also has a very helpful online calculator which you can use!

Le Club AccorHotels – Reward points expiry

The Reward points expiry appears to be 12 months from your last stay.

This shouldn’t be a challenge, you only need to complete one night and given you’re reading the guide I suspect you’re likely to aim for a Status level of at least Silver (so this shouldn’t happen, but worth noting if your circumstances change).

Le Club AccorHotels – redeeming Reward points

You’ve earned some Reward points and not sure what next? Luckily this is much simpler than the earning points scale above. Quite simply, you either:

The AccorHotels Partners are a great option if you’re looking to accumulate your airline points a bit faster, you can either select when to convert the points, or have these automatically convert to your preferred partner. The benefit (if you do like the idea of converting to a partner) is that if you automatically convert, you won’t have a minimum threshold. Any number of Le Club points you accrue after you opt in will be transferred on a regular basis to your preferred partner.

Now, you might be wondering what is better value, well, it depends! Determining a value for all the partners would simply be too complicated to work out! Each of the partners would have their own inherit value attached to their loyalty program. But what I can help you with, is that the general rule is that 4,000 Le Club AccorHotels converts to 2,000 airline points, with a few exceptions (including Qantas) where 2,000 Le Club AccorHotels points equal 2,000 Qantas points.

Accor Plus – free night and discounts at Accor Hotels!

Like Le Club AccorHotels? You’re almost certain to like Accor Plus! The program is paid for, however, you do receive a complimentary stay in a participating Asia Pacific property and plenty of discounts. I am a member and at the time of writing, do not see me cancelling the membership.

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