Sydney’s ONLY Rocks Historic Walking Tour, Australia

Have you ever wondered what The Rocks and Circular Quay looked like 150 years ago? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Close your eyes, take away the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Circular Quay… actually, take away everything and that’s where the story begins. If you’re wanting to get to know the history behind Sydney’s The Rocks then be sure to hop on the only walking tour in The Rocks area.

As part of our Explore the Rocks package at the Holiday Inn Old Sydney, we joined a 90-minute walking tour with The Rocks Walking tour.

We’ve been to the rocks so many times, but during this walk, Sally took us down streets I had never seen before in my life. It was a real eye opener that’s for sure.. from what the harbour looked like when convicts first arrived, to what the first hospital and houses looked like.

How long is the walking tour?

This guided tour is around 90 minutes and is just the right amount of time to get a glimpse of Sydney’s incredible history.

Is The Rocks walking tour an easy walk?

The tour is at a gentle pace so there is no need to be able to walk fast. However, there are a lot of stairs at The Rocks so if you’re in a wheelchair or have children in a pram then this might not be suitable.

Where does The Rocks walking tour depart from?

Only a 5-minute walk from where we stayed at the Holiday Inn Old Sydney is the meeting place for the walking tour. Located in the Clocktower Shopping Centre (on the corner of Argyle and Harrington Streets) is The Rocks Walking Tour shop front.  Here, in the air-con, is where you can buy your tickets and meet your guide.

What do you see on The Rocks Walking Tour

Without giving too much away (because you really should do this tour), you get to see so many alleyways, streets and buildings (or remains of buildings) you would often just walk past without realising the history behind it all.

Did you know that each convict had a different marking on their sandstone so their work could be told apart? or that the convicts who worked with clay bricks, marked every 100th brick with their fingers? We didn’t either but this is just one of the things we learned during our walking tour!

Here is a quick video of The Rocks Walking Tour as well as our stay at the Holiday Inn Old Sydney!

Here are a few photos from our walking tour. But for the history and stories behind the photos, be sure to jump on a tour to find out for yourself!

Our guide showed us where there was a dog paw print and a kangaroo print in the clay bricks!

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