38 countries and counting …

Cinque Terre

Here we are, at the end of our European adventure … I cannot help but think about the great experiences we have had, from city breaks, adventure, beach and ski holidays, all of which I consider only to have added so much knowledge and wealth to my life.

tripadvisor map

Here I am, already contemplating our next adventure… my mind drifting in and out of the adventures we have completed since this amazing journey began 24 months ago… not to mention the holidays we have been lucky enough to experience before moving to London!

Living in London – or is this really just a place to do some laundry before the next trip …

Late September 2015, we relocated back to Sydney, Australia.  Our travel journey continues and we look forward to sharing many more travel posts with you!

  • October 2015: Sydney
  • November 2015: Gold Coast
  • December 2015: Melbourne, Blue Mountains, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane
  • February 2016: Gold Coast
  • March 2016: Darwin
  • May 2016: Sunshine Coast
  • June 2016: Kiama
  • July 2017: Queenstown
  • September 2016: Brisbane
  • October 2016: Byron Bay
  • November 2016: Tasmania, Port Stephens, Dubbo Zoo

Still to come…

  • December 2016: Sydney to Brisbane Road Trip
  • January 2017: Hunter Valley
  • February 2017: Jervis Bay
  • March 2017: The Entrance

I’m not one whom enjoyed studying history at school, at all, but the quote…

Travel is the most important form of education

…has certainly made an impression on myself, the things I have learnt and the places I have seen has truly been an eye opener, I won’t go into it but some of the highlights included learnings about the…

  • Byzantine Empire (Roman) – Turkey
  • Greek Mythology – Delos (Greece), Olympia (Greece), Ephesus (Turkey)
  • World War 1 – Turkey, most importantly for any Australian, visiting Gallipoli
  • World War 2 – Berlin, need I say more? London with Churchill’s war rooms, Krakรณw in Poland …
  • the list goes on and on …

Long story short, I thought it’s about time we captured some of these memories, jot them down (or shall we say blog about them on-the-line) and share these with anyone who cared to read about them!

Click here for a complete list of where I’ve been…




5 Comments on “38 countries and counting …

  1. I am so impressed with your Blog. Well done. It’s like travelling the world myself from my lounge room. Keep up the great work..

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Travelling and history is sometimes closely connected. Many places we want to visit or that we enjoyed visiting are known to us because of their history. Berlin, Paris, Riga or Budapest wouldn’t have been as interesting without their history. ๐Ÿ™‚

    But you really made an impressive list of countries firing your time in Europe. ๐Ÿ™‚


    • You’re absolutely right Jesper. It is unfortunate the history is quite devastating to listen to. It certainly brings a new meaning to travel and some of these cities!


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