Tips to stay active and healthy while on holidays!

Travelling can often result in your waistline expanding …

Despite how much you may (or may not) walk during your holiday, visiting all the must see sites that attracted you to your destination, you will no doubt eat more than you normally would … the buffet breakfasts, sit down lunch with a well deserved cold beverage (typically beer!) and a two or three course dinner where you simply have to try the local cuisine!

If you’re going away for a weekend here and there, eating a few heavy meals isn’t the end of the world. I generally find my weight only increases between 0.5kg – 1.5kg which is relatively unnoticeable and very easy to lose when you are back in routine. But, when you’re either a frequent traveller or travelling for extended periods you’re guaranteed to start noticing those trousers tighten around the waistline!

Here are some tips to help you stay in routine and prevent yourself from putting on those extra kgs!

I am sitting in an apartment overlooking Lago Di Camo (Lake Como) and specifically selected a vegetarian panini and water at lunch (admittedly drinking a less healthy beer whilst writing this post) as I knew we reserved a table where I am absolutely going to enjoy a three course dinner with matching wine.

That’s great, but what do you suggest?!

You could start with a big hearty breakfast at the hotel:

Followed by a lighter option at lunch, perhaps a salad or grilled meat dish:

At dinner you can either continue your healthy trend or splash out for that pasta you know you deserve! This will help you keep a well-balanced diet while you’re on the move!

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