Tips for preparing and getting through a long haul flight…

As we sit here preparing for yet another economy long haul flight, I started thinking of the things that I need to keep with me to help make the most uncomfortable part of travelling a little more comfortable.

What to pack

Having been fortunate to have traveled business class a few times, some of the items included in the amenities bag have made a significant difference to the enjoyment of my flight, most importantly:

It will make life a lot easier if you carry a small bag (or handbag for the ladies) to carry the essential items instead of having to try an open up your carry on suitcase in the middle of the flight with limited space!  The items generally not included in the amenities pack which I find helpful to carry with me includes:

What to wear:

Before thinking about what you want to wear, make sure you shower before any long haul flight!

If you don’t want to wear ‘daggy’ clothes to the airport, you can carry a spare set of clothes with you on the flight.   You don’t want to be wearing something restrictive, for women this could include skinny jeans and tight shirt, instead you will want to wear some comfortable leggings / flowy geanie pants and a comfortable top or jumper. Men have it easy!

Most importantly, you want to wear:

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