How to make the most of your available time for travel with some helpful tips!

People often ask us …

How on earth do you manage to go on so many holidays ….


How can you be so organised and know what you’re doing a year in advance ….

Well, the simple truth is, with the right mindset and some helpful tools, it doesn’t take long to identify when, what and how you are going to make all those dreams become a reality!

Step one: a yearly wall planner, assorted dots stickers, a dry marker and an empty wall where it is in your face and visible!

Step two: a bucket list!

Step three:  Set a budget, book the flights, tours and accommodation

The search

  1. Google Flights: choose some dates, your departure city and click on that map to easily see the cost of flights from a range of providers to destinations all over the world on one amazing map!
  2. SkyScanner: always good to do a check on another site, just in case!)
  3. TripAdvisor: once you know you have the budget, the flights are reasonable and it’s all systems go… this is absolutely the next step, have a quick glance at hotels, day trips and walking tours!
  4. AccorHotels: I honestly believe in loyalty, nothing like turning up at a branded hotel you know and trust, provided with welcome drinks and a room upgrade to get your adventure started!
  5. Hotelscombined: similar to Google Flights and Skyscanner, but for hotels!

Step four: Pack your bags!

stuffing those socks inside your shoes, rolling and squeezing casual clothing and layering business wear..!

Those walks between the train station and the hotel can literally be a drag with heavy luggage and that’s not how you want to start your trip!

Step five: Explore the world!

He who would travel happily must travel light – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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